The History of Kardz 4 Kidz

Hello! My name is Emily Wollum. I am the owner of Emily’s Originals, which is formerly known as Kardz 4 Kidz. I have low vision caused by Albinism (like those cute albino bunnies) and high myopia. When I was 12, started Kardz 4 Kidz because I needed an iPad at school to help me access the materials in class. My parents and teachers tried to find a way for me to get an iPad, but there weren’t any grants available for my type of disability. My parents challenged me to find a way to raise the money myself, so I came up with Kardz 4 Kidz. My goal is not only to raise money for my own iPad, which I bought in 2013, but to buy technology for other students who are unable to get what they need.

Just before Christmas (2019) I was able to buy the first iPad for another student! I’m currently working on updating the website and the brand, and hope to get applications sent out before the summertime. If you have any information that might help get the word out to students and schools about this available technology, please email me at emilysoriginals@gmail.com